Why choose the DePaul University Global Pathway Program?

Highly Ranked US University

Earn a degree from the university currently ranked #119 among National Universities by US News and World Report.

Great English Support

Learn from experienced instructors who will help you improve your English and support you with your academic coursework.

Work Experience in Chicago

Gain access to excellent internship and training opportunities in Chicago, the third largest city in the US.

Global Pathway Program for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Designed for students who are academically qualified but need to enhance their English proficiency, the Global Pathway Program (GPP) provides students with a combination of academic and English courses. Students who successfully complete the GPP will be granted acceptance into DePaul University.

Voices of Excitement and Experience

"I find experiences with other cultures to be rewarding. I feel like they bring experiences and culture I don't have, and to be able to exchange what I know with them enriches my life and makes me a better person."

Alex Temes USA

Undergraduate Geography


"The thing I like most about DePaul I'd have to say is community. It's very warm, very welcoming. There's a lot of diversity at DePaul and you're guaranteed to make friends if you come here."

Karolina Sileikaite Lithuania

Industrial/Organistional Psychology


"You always feel comfortable here and DePaul helped me as well to feel more comfortable and to help me be a little part of the city."

Manuela Vargas Colombia

Marketing with a minor in Hospitality


“DePaul es genial. Todos son muy amistosos. No tuve problemas para hacer amigos”.

Abdulrahman Alanazi Saudi Arabia

Licenciatura en Ciencias de la Computación


“Me di cuenta que DePaul tiene muy buena reputación en Chicago. Muchos amigos me aconsejaron que viniera a estudiar acá”.

Alex Wang China

Maestría en Marketing


“I just felt like I belong here from the first time that I came here.”

Dominika Kleinova Slovakia

Master of Science in International Studies


“Chicago is one of the world leaders in Industry.”

Dr Charles Naquin

Driehaus College of Business Department of Management & Entrepreneurship


Dr. Jaclyn Jenson is an Associate Professor and of the Human Resources Program, Department of Management and Entrepreneurship.

Dr Jaclyn Jensen

Driehaus College of Business Department of Management & Entrepreneurship


Dr. John Rogers has been teaching at DePaul for over 23 years. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and has taught in a variety of settings, including in industry and at a community college.

Dr John Rogers

College of Computing & Digital Media (CDM) Computing Theory & Bioinformatics


“DePaul is different from other universities in being very innovative in the ways that we conduct our teaching.”

Dr Windsor Aguiree

College of Science and Health. Biological Science Evolutionary Biology


“Mi deseo es ser analista de datos en una empresa de redes sociales o en una empresa basada en la web porque realmente me apasiona trabajar en todo lo que es big data”.

Meghana Seggem India

Maestría en Analítica Predictiva


“DePaul is an educational institution but we have connections into the industry, whatever industry that happens to be.”

Prof Gary Novak

College of Computing & Digital Media (CDM) - Director of the School of Cinematic Arts


Prof. GianMario Besana is a professor in the College of Computing and Digital Media and currently serves as Associate Provost for Global Engagement and Online Learning.

Prof GianMario Besana

Associate Provost for Global Engagement and Online Learning


“I think what makes DePaul special is its location in the heart of the great business community of Chicago.”

Prof John Vitanovic

Driehaus College of Business School of Accountancy & Management Information Systems


“I see it more as a community rather than a university there are so many resources that you can go and ask for help.”

Redar Ismail Iraq

PhD InformationTechology


“If I have to describe DePaul in two words I will choose opportunity and business.”

Xin Yang Kuan China

Undergraduate: Management Information Systems


Earn a degree in the US with the DePaul University Global Pathway Program