The IPP offers undergraduate students the additional support needed for their first year of university study. We ensure your academic, social and personal success while in the program and prepare you to continue on to your degree.

The Graduate IPP offers students who are academically qualified for a degree program at Hartford with the additional support they need to enhance their English proficiency. Through this program, students will take a combination of academic and English courses which will successfully prepare them for their Master's degree.


National University Ranking

(U.S. News & World Report, 2018)


Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs – no doctorate

(U.S. News & World Report, 2018)


Best Undergraduate Business Schools

(Bloomberg Businessweek, 2016)

The University of Hartford has a friendly environment with an amazing faculty. The student population is diverse and there are many courses to study.

Saranjog Sukhija

I like the diversity that comes from students enrolling
here from different countries, bringing their talent and
experience to the Hartt School of Music. The students’
backgrounds make Hartt a great program.

Jean Carlo Urena Gonzalez

The project-based learning at the University of Hartford is exceptional. I enjoy the laboratory experience and the individual interaction with my professors. The professors are so helpful with academic issues and internships.

Anas Alghamdi

Voices of Excitement and Experience

No one is better qualified to speak about the University of Hartford academic experience than the international students who studied here and the professionals who teach here.

“I like the diversity that comes from students enrolling here from different countries, bringing their talent and experience to the Hartt School. The students’ backgrounds make Hartt a great program.”

“Before I came to the University of Hartford, I heard a lot about the technical aspects of the Engineering programs here. The professors really care about the students and will put in extra time to help students succeed.”

“It’s a really friendly place. The campus is amazing. The school has a lot of international students, which makes it easier for international students to adapt.”