TESLA VIP Tour with UCSC-Extension Students

Why study English or complete a Certificate Program in Silicon Valley?  If you are a business professional like Liang Ma from China, there is no other program which gives you access to internships, OPT, and company visits like UCSC-Extension.  Here is a review that Bruce, Liang Ma, wrote after he went on a VIP tour of the TESLA factory with the UCSC-Extension Program Manager.

Student: Bruce
Date: 7th July, 2017

As we know, Model 3 cars are very popular in the world. I suppose that a tour to visit the production lines is enticing for anyone. It was a fantastic tour for me, and I also had wonderful VIP catered lunch. I was especially excited when I visited the Model 3 production lines.

Before we visited the production lines of the Tesla factory in Fremont, an engineer introduced Tesla’s history and the technologies used in Tesla electric cars. Firstly, Model 3 cars are equipped with the most advanced batteries. If a car is full of electricity, it can be driven for 280 miles. Supercharge stations can also completely charge a car in an hour.  This data illustrates that Tesla has broken through crucial battery technologies . On the other hand, the guarantee of a car’s battery is ten years, which greatly eliminates the worries about batteries for consumers. Secondly, people can use solar energy to charge their cars at home by establishing a conversion system, and it means that the expense of a vehicle will be largely reduced.  I was also amazed to find out that Model 3 Cars can be parked automatically by autopilots. Although Model 3 cars are not fully autonomous vehicles, they are closer to making that a reality and these features can satisfy consumers’ expectations at this time.

When we entered the production workshop, I was amazed by the scene. The workshop was very big, and it took us an hour to go around the entire factory in a guided train tour.  The tour guide introduced the main processes used to produce the cars.  There was a lot of automation which did most of the busy work.  Plenty of parts were being produced, such as; batteries, trunks, and doors etc. Many cars were being assembled by a combination of automation and workers. A production line has many processes, and cars were carried by a long conveyor belt from one process to the next.

After we had lunch, the chief executive designer, Franz von Holzhausen, gave us a wonderful presentation about some of his ideas for designing Tesla Model 3, such as colors, styles, and functions etc. Although design is an abstract subject, I was able to understand some of his ideas in designing Tesla Model 3. We also received collector prints of the original designs of various Tesla models!!

Overall, I attained much valuable knowledge about Tesla Model 3 during this tour. This is my first time that I have visited any vehicle production factory. I think it was a very meaningful activity for students. I hope that I can attend more of these activities organized by the school later.