Stanford University Trip

UCSC Silicon Valley Campus is located in the heart of Silicon Valley which gives our students so many opportunities to participate in professional development.  Recently, a group of EC Silicon Valley @ UCSC-Extension students took a field trip to Stanford Campus to visit the Cantor Arts Center. The students spent two hours looking at the galleries.

First, the group admired artifacts from China and other parts of Asia, ranging from ancient to modern. The group talked about different artistic techniques, for example, painting dainty glass bottles from the inside; the historical uses of polished copper and silver mirrors; the significance of materials such as jade and ivory in Chinese culture and history; and artistic techniques such as engraving.

Students are looking at galleries

The group then moved on to the Rodin sculpture galleries and joined a tour group to learn about Auguste Rodin’s work. Finally, the group visited the second floor of the museum in which different artistic styles from different eras were shown. The group discussed different styles of painting, particularly portraits – old and contemporary – and talked about the meaning of abstract art. Finally, the group jokingly voted for which painting they might purchase if they were rich and had a lot of space in their homes.

Students are discussing artwork


After about two hours of browsing the galleries, the group took a short walk across campus to the campus bookstore. On the way, the group discussed the history of Stanford university and the difference between private and public universities. Under the beautiful arcades of the Spanish-mission-style buildings, the group took a few pictures and selfies and then settled down for lunch in the shade near the campus book store. After a brief look around the store the group stopped by the lavishly decorated campus church.

Students took pictures around Stanford campus before going home