TESLA Factory tour by Sneha

Student Name: Sneha

It’s not possible to get a chance to visit a car manufacturing factory every day. Last month, under the guidance of the Program Manager of the English Language Institute at UCSC-Extension, we visited the factory of TESLA which manufactures electric cars. This visit and tour helped me to realize that I am now living in the center of new technologies.  The aim of TESLA is to build affordable and zero emission electric powered cars and transform energy consumption. On our arrival at the factory, we were warmly greeted by a special welcome team and provided with a delicious breakfast. I was very excited when we entered the auditorium as the latest model 3 TESLA cars were being exhibited. One employee, who was an expert in the design of car batteries, gave us introductory speech, introduced the different models, and described some of the basic design concepts.

After the introductions, presentations, and breakfast was complete, our group entered the factory.  However before starting our factory tour, one of the team members took us through the rules and regulations of the tour including important information such as the fact that photos and videos were not permitted. Finally, we embarked on a tour inside the factory and showed each section of the factory.

The factory in Fremont, California, is quite large.  I observed many types of machinery, raw materials, and accessories which I had never seen before. Around 10,000 workers were spread throughout the factory. For my first time, I was surprised to see robots. It was an awesome experience to see how robots work together with humans! It is impossible to describe the integration of machines with workers.  Suffice to say, it took my breath away!! The gigantic robots were assembling, moving, and lifting the cars.

We learned that all cars are connected and that the company collects continuous data and also monitors each car. As a data base analyst, I was curious to know where the company saves and manages these huge amounts of data, but this was not covered in the tour.

After visiting the factory, we were served a delicious lunch. The interior of a dining hall was very beautiful and professional.  After lunch, we had a Q&A section with the head designer Franz.  At the end of the day, we were all given a gift which was original design prints.

It was an amazing experience which went beyond my expectations!!  I realized that we all can contribute our efforts to conserve the environment by driving emission free cars.

I truly appreciate UCSC-Extension and EC Silicon Valley for making this visit a reality.