Student stories – Genki Nemoto (Linux Administration)

Genki Nemoto is a Linux Administration student from Japan at UCSC Extension, Santa Clara.

What has your journey been like? When did you first arrive? What are you doing now?

I came here in September of 2016. I studied English for 6 months and after that I came to UCSC Extension to study computer science. But after taking a few classes I realized that my English was not enough to keep up with the classes. That’s why I decided to take more English classes at EC English at UCSC Extension. Right now I am doing an internship at a local company. It’s a small company but there are many people who have great skills. That’s why I’m really comfortable there.

What is your program of study?

My certificate program is Linux administration.

While you were in the program, what was your favorite class?

The Linux administration classes that will help me to become an expert in Linux administration. Before coming to this school I already knew coding but this course provided me with a lot of the tools and basic concepts to manage Linux. It was new to me.

Tell us about your internship. How did you find it?

The Campus Manager sent my resume to local companies and they actually called me.

What was the interview like?

They asked me what I was doing at this school and why I am studying Linux. I had a lot of programming knowledge already but Linux is different. I told them that in order to become a good engineer or programmer I needed to study the fundamental platform.

What do you do in your internship?

The project I am supposed to join hasn’t started yet. We are preparing for it. So I am doing a lot of research to prepare. I work for around 7 hours a day, 3 times a week.

Are you taking classes at the same time?

Yes. I’m taking an AWS class (Amazon Web Services) – it doesn’t relate to Linux administration but AWS is very much in demand these days, that’s why I chose this class.

How did the English classes help to prepare you for the internship or the certificate program?

They provided us with so many opportunities to present in front of people. That was really useful.

What do you enjoy about the certificate program?

I studied a lot of new technologies and also connected with local professionals who work for companies in this area.

What do you like about the Silicon Valley?

One interesting thing is that there is so much variety here. Many different kinds of people come here. I think it is a very unusual place.