Student stories – Dan Wu (Accounting)

Dan Wu is an accounting student at UCSC Extension in Santa Clara
Dan Wu is an accounting student at UCSC Extension, Santa Clara.

Dan Wu is an Accounting student from China.

Tell us about your journey: when did you first arrive in the Silicon Valley? When did you start your certificate program?

I first arrived in the Silicon Valley in September 2016 and started my certificate program in January 2017. I enrolled in English classes in October 2016 and graduated with proficiency level later on.

My certificate program now is Accounting, as well as CPA Exam Preparation non-certificate program.

Have you done an internship? What was your internship like?

I did my internship in a start-up company as an accounting manager assistant. My job was to keep track of all expenses incurred and reconcile bank statements, as well as finish tasks as assigned. I found this internship through a job fair hosted by our school.

How did English classes prepare you for your certificate program?

I would say English classes have helped improve my English in various ways for both of my certificate program and internship. The textbooks are well selected; the course modules are well organized; the weight in different language skills is well balanced; the class forms are well designed.

Personally, I think the News Report tasks were the most challenging practice for me, which was also the best practice to prepare me for speaking and presenting with confidence in the certificate program classes. Besides, the vocabulary and expressions, as well as business and social etiquette, are key to performing professionally in my internship.

English classes are not only a language skills builder but also a confidence builder. They give you a cushion to buffer the obstacles in academic and professional English that you might have come across in certificate classes. I cannot emphasis enough the importance of learning English well for both inside and outside the classroom. Take the most of English classes and you will be surprised how much they can change your life in the states.

What do you enjoy about the UCSC certificate program?

The UCSC certificate programs are practical and useful. What you learn here is something you can apply in your job directly. Instructors are very friendly willing to share. They strive to help you learn.

What do you enjoy about the Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is a very dynamic area, as well as its people. What I enjoy most are the people here being open-minded, initiative, innovative, and inspirational.